A icy 2002 winter in France


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Made it to the store…

I post this as Shadow munches happily on his cat chow. Nothing to pick up your spirits like buying flowers to make a fall bouquet and having breakfast at your table decorated with linens from Provence, antique Quimper china, my favorite hand-painted 1940s glassware, and a delicious meal that is well within my food plan.

2014-10-19 11.04.03Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich Recipe:

1 Special K Flatbread Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich. The trick to making this delicious and avoid soggy microwave mush is to defrost the egg and sausage layers in the microwave (15 seconds on high) and then separate the layers including the flatbread top and bottom and pan fry using a mist of olive oil from a Misto oil sprayer and adding the cheese to melt on top of the egg layer at the very last.

Serve with a melange of sweet red and orange peppers, mushrooms, and fresh spinach (all sauteed in a covered pan misted with olive oil plus a splash of water). Top with salsa and garnish with fresh strawberries. The entire meal including 8 oz of non-fat milk and 4 oz of orange juice is about 400 calories with 11 g of fat. Match THAT English full breakfast!

Joyeux Anniversaire ~ Gâteau de Château

DSC_8775Betty Crocker’s Castle Cake took precedence over our family’s usual name-your-crepe celebration as my granddaughter celebrated her 4th birthday. The ad said it’s as easy as building with blocks...not! But the birthday girl and all her guests were delighted with my daughter’s creation. And, of course, Happy Birthday was sung in both English and French. Many of her little friends were from her French for Fun preschool.

DSC_8905The “relight” candles made for extra huffing and puffing by the birthday girl and her friends. Hey, what’s the deal. I just blew you out!



DSC_8908Oh, I get it!  All I need is a little help from my friends.DSC_8912



DSC_8874Whaddya mean, I’m allergic to cake! (Little sister)

Easy French entrée at home

crab stuffed avocadosThe first year that my daughter lived in France, just after graduating from college, she became an English-speaking au pair for a French family and took on mastering French cooking for the children in her care. On my first visit to her Paris apartment, she fixed this easy-as-pie but delicious entrée. Remembering, of course, that Americans call this course an appetizer. It always followed our favorite apéritif (pre-dinner drink) called a Kir Royal made with champagne kir royal(or if your like, non-alcoholic sparkling cider) and a dash of crème de cassis (blackcurrent liqueur) and accompanied, in the French manner, by small dishes of olives and peanuts. That apéritif became our must-have throughout all of our travels in France and even at Paris Las Vegas!

Halve the avocados and leave in shell
Mix imitation crab meat (NOT the real thing), preferably cold, with your favorite mayonnaise, adding salt & pepper only.
Ladle heaping sco0p of crab mixture into each avocado shell
Bon Appétit

NEXT WEEK: Sweet and savory crepes

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love franceKaren Stephen’s BLOG about her own experiences in France over the past 15 years with an emphasis on favorite places, restaurants, and activities. With one blog a week devoted to French travel with three generations and another to her writing.

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