Clues to Corsica

map_of_corsicaMOTHER TONGUE takes place in these cities and regions in the year 1996  (in chronological order from the novel)

Copy of Citadelle at CorteCORTE ~ The ancient political and cultural capital of Corsica. LIz meets the Professor and the Scafanis. Place Gaffori becomes the site of a defiant FLNC funeral.

signatora bowlNIOLO REGION ~ Liz first fears she may have mazzeri blood in the village of Calacuccia where the Professor lives. Remote village where the signadora practiced her arts and a strange Indochine villa appears out of nowhere. House with the oblique staircase, a suspected separatist stronghold.

ResizeDSC02812ILE ROUSSE ~ Site of Scafani family tragedy.

bastia old port and terra vecchiaBASTIA ~ Northern port where Liz meets estranged cousin in Terra Vecchia near the old port area. Mentioned in 1926 travel book in chapter entitled “Smell Basia and Die”…now fashionable city of palm-lined esplanades and scenic harbors.

imagesCAP CORSE ~ Liz meets the Philippe LeClerc, chief of the island’s anti-terrorist force R.A.I.D.

marine de porto harborPORTO ~ Small fishing harbor on western coast. Plot to carry out separatist bombing in mainland France originates here.

ResizeDSC02981BONIFACIO ~ Liz pays homage to her ancestors at cemetery. Chase along the chalk cliffs leads to climactic battle scene near village of Zonza not far away.

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