Degrees New Front Cover  DEGREES OF OBSESSION by Karen Stephen

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Charlie Pederson, fierce but flawed like all women who have loved deeply and lost, takes a dangerous thrill ride from risky infatuation to the edge of disaster when she stalks her still suck-the-breath-out-of-you handsome college flame.

As a therapist, Charlie knows she should abandon her crazed obsession over Danny Shapiro. But as a woman turning fifty and stifled in her marriage to deadly dull Harold, she finds herself driven to take a dicey last chance to find all that her heart needs.

Little does she suspect that an impulsive visit to Danny’s law office will make her the target of a homicidal erotomaniac. As she chases Danny down, she jeopardizes her professional reputation, infuriates her best friend, alienates her husband, and risks exposing the most painful secret of her life.

Degrees of Obsession has it all—juicy romance and heart-pounding suspense. Best of all, it shines light on the fears, follies, and fantasies that drive the choices women make and on the love that redeems them.

Read BONUS excerpt of Karen Stephen’s smashing new romantic suspense novel, MOTHER TONGUE, coming in Spring 2014, following the last chapter of Degrees of Obsession.

Back Jacket Blurb for Degrees of Obsession

Longtime therapist Dr. Charlene “Charlie” Pederson admits that her fixation with college sweetheart Danny Shapiro has reached the unsettling stage of obsession.  Jolted by turning fifty and struggling with a condescending husband, Charlie crafts a harebrained scheme to find Danny and recapture his heart.  Her delight at reuniting  with her old flame soon turns to indignation when he accuses her of stalking him. Danny’s fears about being stalked are well-founded. 

Charlie plays on her professional expertise about stalking to worm her way back into Danny’s life…all the while jeopardizing her marriage, tarnishing her reputation, and alienating her best friend.  After her darkest secret is revealed, Charlie plunges into unfamiliar depths of pain and mortal danger and must rely on every psychological trick in her book to survive. Degrees of Obsession will take you on a riveting journey from risky infatuation to personal fulfillment and forgiveness.

If you are stalking a really good read, leap on this absorbing and  insightful novel.  Degrees of Obsession has it all…delicious romance,  heart-pounding suspense, and a smart and spirited heroine.  Best of all,  it shines light on the fears, follies, and fantasies that drive the  choices we make in our lives, and on the love, in many forms, that  redeems them.


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