ile de beaute

ILE DE BEAUTE Photograph by Karen Mahckep, my FB friend from Corsica

Life is often a precarious balancing act.

Doc Flamingo offers her POEMS for RECOVERY written with that in mind.

Dedicated to those pursuing recovery from addictions of the body, mind, and soul through participation in Twelve Step programs.


courteousCourtesy of the heart
akin to love
out of which arises
pure courtesy in outward behavior...read more



plane rainFlight of the soul
my flight lumbers down the runway
a drunken gooney bird
straining for liftoff...read more


old lovesReunion
a tight spot in my chest
aches from the inside out…read more


IMG_0764The notebook
vintage palms
suggest a
British empire hazed morning...read more



empty jim beam bottleMama’s boy
breath held to fend off the
whiskey vomit stench...read more



new oilMaybe I need an oil change
clean out that gunk that’s mucking up my life
remove the sludge that slows my engine
saps my get up and go….read more



new growthRoundup for my soul
banish reluctance
pouty lip
acknowledge god-given gift…read more


Plage D'Isolella Theirry 2013Do not cling
shrink wrap yourself
round something
not yours to have…read more


bad catWhen in doubt
pernicious thoughts
in my brain
determined to declare me
winner in this battle of
belonging…read more

imagesMy stone
washed ashore
not by accident
eons of tuesdays ago…read more

zipperJamming myself
into a life not my own
my wooly lining
seeking sanctuary
inside his love-proof raincoat...read more

EzeVillageStarStreetDreaming in the New Year
winding down
new memories yet unborn
asleep ere the celebration arrives
drifting through dreams
slivers of imagination
fluttering in secret nooks…read more

sitting alongSitting in two dimensions
invisible zones defined by
words exchanged
falling into a chasm of disconnect…read more

broken heartOn targets and arrows
sinking into soft earth
bulging sodden hay
bright bulls-eye face
waiting…read more

Chipmunk_on_Rock_EatingMorning meditation
knee-high oat grass
parts graciously
without whisper of complaint…read more


homeless-read-mean-tweetsOn I’s and Eyes
I stride along a
gum-stained sidewalk
flanked by armies of
fellow corporate soldiers
marching as to
acquisitions and mergers...read more

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