Joyeux Anniversaire ~ Gâteau de Château

DSC_8775Betty Crocker’s Castle Cake took precedence over our family’s usual name-your-crepe celebration as my granddaughter celebrated her 4th birthday. The ad said it’s as easy as building with blocks...not! But the birthday girl and all her guests were delighted with my daughter’s creation. And, of course, Happy Birthday was sung in both English and French. Many of her little friends were from her French for Fun preschool.

DSC_8905The “relight” candles made for extra huffing and puffing by the birthday girl and her friends. Hey, what’s the deal. I just blew you out!



DSC_8908Oh, I get it!  All I need is a little help from my friends.DSC_8912



DSC_8874Whaddya mean, I’m allergic to cake! (Little sister)

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