5th birthday FROZEN extravaganza

IMG_0009Anticipation was in the air. My granddaughter eagerly awaits the arrival of her guests, hoping against hope that Elsa and Anna will keep their promise made at Disneyland months earlier to come to her 5th birthday party.

The food has been carefully prepared.


Anna’s Frozen Heart Strawberries – White chocolate coated


Kristoff’s Ice Blocks – blue jello jigglers with white cream that rises to the top


Olaf’s Noses


Elsa’s Frozen Castle – Carefully prepared by the birthday girl’s mother and all edible

Grandma Mimi (c’est moi!) is ready to enjoy the festivities.

IMG_0018IMG_0024And who should arrive at precisely 2:30? Why, it’s Elsa and Anna who put on a fabulous show for all the children and their parents. Disneyland characters have nothing on this duo of local high school musical theater stars. Elsa began by helping the children apply Frozen tattoos. Anna supervised the creation of little marshmallow Olafs.IMG_0033







And then the big moment came as the children gathered to listen to the story and the songs from Frozen. Anna began with her story and First Time Forever.

Their story continued and then Elsa sang Let It Go

And for the finale of the party, the children joined in for one last rendition of Let It Go with their idols. A magical day for the birthday girl and all the children and adults. It was the party we never even dreamed about as children.