Flight of the Soul ~ A video poem for recovery

I have flown on Southwest to San Diego many times. During one flight, it came to me that perhaps I needed to be on a very different kind of journey and Flight of the Soul was the result. Now I have turned it into a video poem for those in recovery of any kind.

For more poems for recovery visit this page.


An invitation to share your thoughts

writing meditationI do a daily writing meditation each morning. First I chose a passage or two from one of my daily readers or other 12-step literature and re-type the passages so that they sink in. Then I write my own responses. I have done this over many years and sometimes I like to go back and read what I wrote about the passages in prior years.

This year I’ve decided to start afresh and just write in the present without plowing through the past, thinking of it only as the compost that allows me to grow and bloom in the present and not feeling it necessary to stick my hands back into the muck.

In the tradition of anonymity I will not cite which 12-step program the following passages are drawn from, yet fully acknowledge that they are the published words of others and not mine.

I share them today because they have special meaning to me and so encapsulate the struggles I have had since childhood adjusting to this imperfect world we all live in. I’ve highlighted the thought in each that most struck a chord with me.

share thoughtsPerhaps you would care to share your thoughts if one of these passages has special meaning for you.

Passage One
choicesLive and Let Live reminds us that we cannot control the actions or decisions of other people. If someone chooses to end a relationship with us, that is their right. If we’ve ascribed to the belief that the success or failure of our relationships is solely our responsibility, we may blame ourselves when a relationship ends. We can remind ourselves that each person played a part in the relationship. If a relationship ends, that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily at fault. Whether or not someone wants to be around us, we are still worthy of love and respect. Just because we don’t choose to end a relationship doesn’t mean we don’t have any choices. We still have the power to choose how we will respond. In the past, we have punished ourselves or assumed our role as victims. We don’t have to see ourselves as victims anymore. Today we can choose to be around healthy people who want to be around us.

Passage Two
pain teachesDo not consider painful what is good for you. My reaction to things that were “good for me” was one of pain. Today I know that pain puts me in touch with what I need—something from which I have cut myself off in blind obedience to habit. What pain tells me today is that I have to change. I am willing to examine old ways of thinking.

Passage Three
maturity-is-the-ability-to-joyfully-live-in-an-imperfect-world-quote-1People have disappointed you, hurt you, and let you down by being imperfect. Can you let go of the idea of perfection and accept reality, loving people just the way they are? Love the imperfect people around you. Love your imperfect self and your imperfect world. For if you cannot love life the way it is, you will suffer from eternal loneliness. We all live in an imperfect world, surrounded by imperfect people. The ability to love yourself and those around you is a gift from God that enables you to live fully, bravely, and meaningfully in an imperfect world.

Maybe I need to write a poem about waiting


Courtesy bravegirlcommunity.com

romance in fifth gear
full steam ahead
damn the torpedoes

a friend suggests
let love unfold as
rose in bloom
I nod as if in

inside my hasty heart
turns a first greeting into
I do

porcelain held mocha
raised with seductive grace
hints at fingers that could
hold other than a
lips that could
nibble on
softer harder things

his words a prelude to my
his syllables orchestrated to
fit my melody

my nagging big girl brain
throws up a red flag at
my impatience
my hungry heart
rips it down
a disappearing waitress
fairy godmother-like
more time
to charm
to drag him down
my garden path
gravel embedded in his

reluctant goodbyes
on cracked sidewalk
he leans in for a
tentative kiss
I wangle more with
desired effect

two weeks pass
no word
cancel order for
bridal bouquet
refund honeymoon fare to
swing wrecking ball
smash to smithereens
unshared desires
forever afters
new beginnings are hers
not mine

give that waiting thing
holding back
reserving judgment
grown-up stuff
a chance
move past thinking
waiting is for others
let it be a good idea for

not a good idea
I hate good ideas
let it be my idea
let waiting
my wild heart

Maybe I need an oil change…

drain oilmaybe I need an oil change
clean out that gunk that’s mucking up my life
remove the sludge that slows my engine
saps my get up and go


new oildrain out the sludge
pour in new ideas
so I can run more smoothly
head in new directions
explore new horizons


tire worn while I’m at it
rotate those old thoughts
don’t let them wear me down
in the same sore places
keep them from making me miserable
in the same old way
endangering my life as I drive through life

I don’t need a whole new me
just a daily tune up
every 6000 minutes or sooner

lifetime guaranteeif I take good care of me
I could last a lifetime
satisfaction guaranteed


Do not cling…

worth itdo not cling
shrink wrap yourself
around something
not yours to have
not love
nor money
nor any object
of your desire

save endless
hours of emotional
wear and tear
avoid exercise in futility
you cannot stick
to Teflon dreams
that resist
the irresistible you

believe life gives
what is yours to have
let feelings linger
until dissolved
seek poetic companions
who inspire
pick author’s brains
who encourage

decide to be cheerful
just for today

5th birthday FROZEN extravaganza

IMG_0009Anticipation was in the air. My granddaughter eagerly awaits the arrival of her guests, hoping against hope that Elsa and Anna will keep their promise made at Disneyland months earlier to come to her 5th birthday party.

The food has been carefully prepared.


Anna’s Frozen Heart Strawberries – White chocolate coated


Kristoff’s Ice Blocks – blue jello jigglers with white cream that rises to the top


Olaf’s Noses


Elsa’s Frozen Castle – Carefully prepared by the birthday girl’s mother and all edible

Grandma Mimi (c’est moi!) is ready to enjoy the festivities.

IMG_0018IMG_0024And who should arrive at precisely 2:30? Why, it’s Elsa and Anna who put on a fabulous show for all the children and their parents. Disneyland characters have nothing on this duo of local high school musical theater stars. Elsa began by helping the children apply Frozen tattoos. Anna supervised the creation of little marshmallow Olafs.IMG_0033







And then the big moment came as the children gathered to listen to the story and the songs from Frozen. Anna began with her story and First Time Forever.

Their story continued and then Elsa sang Let It Go

And for the finale of the party, the children joined in for one last rendition of Let It Go with their idols. A magical day for the birthday girl and all the children and adults. It was the party we never even dreamed about as children.