Pebble Beach Redux

The end of my forgot-my-cell-phone saga at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It’s the crack of dawn and I don’t realize I don’t have my phone until half-way to Blackhawk Automobile Museum in Danville, CA where I am to take the “field trip” to the event. So I dash into a CVS pharmacy and buy two disposable cameras–yes they still have them. Processing of the film afterwards takes three weeks and the quality of the photos leaves much to be desired. So to the tune of $15 each for the cameras and another $17 each for the processing, I share the results herewith.

FH000012 (2)

The view from the 18th fairway of Monterey Bay

FH000005 - Copy

Nice parking spot

FH000008 - Copy

Old royalty – Jackie Stewart

FH000011 - Copy

New royalty – Fast and Loud’s Richard Rawlings


Color matches my Alien Green II KIa Soul

FH000003 (2)

Who wore it best? Moi?

FH000016 (2)

Or this stunning young spectator?

FH000005 (2) - Copy

Back in the day – lighting the headlights fueled by a butane tank


On the way to the awards area


Wouldn’t you love a ride in this rumble seat?

FH000012 - Copy

The end!


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