Photos from Corse Passion on FB

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My favorite Corsican website is CORSE PASSION, which features spectacular photos of Corsica that convey not only its stunning beauty but its mystery and culture. I gleaned photos for my cover for MOTHER TONGUE (gratitude to Fabie Centulle) and others for my TRAILER (gratitude to Thierry and Jacqueline Tramoni and Karen Mahckep).

10273425_10152097169402513_2365847839427641612_n 10325198_404733592999608_7685625334761701107_n 10362928_570495209745701_3495466391916867737_n 10469087_591737934288095_4804236746571171016_n 10659320_591737874288101_7656664842785749732_n 10671420_591737957621426_1801392374928345654_n

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