Memories of Honfleur


The ship is photographed here in the Bering Sea in 1923 as part of the Alaska Packing Company fleet and coincidentally the same year Samuel died.

A dear friend was browsing through my posts and noticed I hadn’t posted on Honfleur, one of his favorite haunts in France. Mine too. Not only because I had a charming visit there in 2009 but because my great-grandfather Captain Samuel Veazie sailed his ship, the Llewellyn J Morse, into the harbor, probably some time during the 1880s.


One space left for my yacht!


The Harbormaster’s Headquarters where my great-grandfather’s visit is recorded


The meats!


The sweets!


And the whimsical!


The charm!


This triplex is for the birds!


Everyone loves to watch a drawbridge go up.


A railing of proof that Honfleur is still a fishing community.


Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The famous “Axe masters” of the naval yards of the city created this lovely building without using any saws, just like their Norman ancestors (who can be seen in action in the Bayeux tapestry), and like the Vikings before them.


A cat and cat game carved in stone.


I can never resist a photo of a great car!


A spoonful of delicious! I had the mussels peaking out from the bottom of the photo.


A favorite dockside restaurant


Timbered buildings are my favortie


Adieu to Honfleur. I’ll be back soon.


1 thought on “Memories of Honfleur

  1. Hi Karen, I loved this post! Witty and charming. You are such an interesting person on so many levels. You encourage me to be curious about you and as a result, others. I am having fun so far in Carmel. I think often of you laughing with me on Friday afternoon and I don’t have to take things so seriously. Off to the wedding today! Love & hugs, Cathie

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