Memories That Make Me Feel Better

IMG_1313Having spent the last week lying low and fighting off winter germs, I decided I would find some of my favorite photos from last summer to perk me up. And what better than some of the fabulous meal we had a the restaurant of Logis du Guetteur in Les Arcs, especially the foie gras which is now a forbidden delicacy in California.

IMG_1318And this is why I have returned to France so many times. Because lamb chops are my favorite food group.

IMG_1320And does anyone here bring me an extra little sweet at the end of the meal? The folks at Logis du Guetteur do…and they throw in a fabulous view to boot. IMG_1310

Gosh, I feel better already. I think I’ll go heat up my canned chicken soup…and dream of France.

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