To err is human…

fly in ointmentThe fly in the ointment when self-publishing is thinking you can copy edit your own book and get away with it. In my rush to have MOTHER TONGUE released in Kindle and paperback versions before the holidays, I did my own copy editing. WRONG!

Just before my rush to publish, I had completed a major re-write in which I had changed from a third person point-of-view to first person. Unfortunately, one is capable of doing mass change-all edits with WORD and pronouns are incredibly capricious little devils. What’s worse is that spell-check does not always pick up the resulting grammatical errors because they are perceived as being correct even though the meaning is entirely altered. Case in point: “our” and “their”.

Example: I listened closely to our conversation when what I meant was I listened closely to their conversation. The first is not poor grammar but totally incorrect in terms of meaning.

can-you-read-this2You’ve all probably seen the passage pictured here about the power of the human mind. This is why it is so difficult to pick up these errors. Skimming over large volumes of material, our gaze slides over the little words like pronouns, especially when we’ve written them ourselves.

So, until a generous copy-edit-minded friend gave me the horrendous news  yesterday, I had no idea that there were over a hundred uses of “our” when I meant “their”. And a few minor typos to boot.

So, my sincere apologies to those who purchased either the Kindle or the paperback version of MOTHER TONGUE. I have made the corrections, resubmitted the interiors, and both versions will be available within the next 24-48 hours at Amazon.This is the up side of self-publishing. Corrections are very easily made.

For any of you paid good money for my novel and then threw your hands up in frustration or your Kindle down in annoyance, I would be happy to make reparations. A new paperback version can be sent to your door as soon as it is available or a gift certificate for a new Kindle version. Please use my CONTACT PAGE to send me your druthers. And a special kudos to those who gave me excellent reviews in spite of this–and they weren’t even relatives! You are kindhearted to the Nth degree or speed readers who never read the pronouns to begin with!

Six hours to publication

DegreesofObsession240Old dogs hate new tricks…especially the 71 year old female know-it-all variety! Little matter that it might make one’s life simpler and more profitable. The last time I published a paperback, at least the first edition thereof, was in 2005 when CreateSpace was known as BookSurge. I recently revised the interior of DEGREES OF OBSESSION but that doesn’t count.

It took my therapist, who is generally dead on when it comes to my bad habits and peccadilloes, several tries before I believed what he knew to be true, that publishing even paperbacks is absolutely free on CreateSpace (and I’m sure on other sites). He knows because he has published several of his own excellent books on EMDR and related topics. To those whose hearts are beating faster at this moment, YES, I can divulge that he’s my therapist but don’t worry, he can’t divulge that I nor anyone else is his patient, except, now, of course you all know that my 40 years as a practicing psychologist did little to disentangle my own demented brain.

Paperback cover finalI digress. So good patient that I am, I rushed home, went on the computer and within six, count them SIX hours, had a paperback version of MOTHER TONGUE ready for submission. I admit that I cheated a teensy bit. I had prepared the interior in advance, knowing that some day I might go for the hard copy version in addition to the Kindle version ready for pre-order and release on December 6th. And I used their Cover Creator instead of trying one more time to figure out how the layers function on Photoshop works. Having run the new cover design past my faithful cover critique group, after a few more tweaks, I’ll be ready to hit APPROVE. Stay tuned. Please feel free to add your comments. Unfortunately the Cover Creator for Kindle is different so I’ll have to make a choice at some point.


Book signing LA Festival of Books 2006 for DEGREES OF OBSESSION

Now my good friend won’t have to wonder how she can throw that book signing party for me when all I have is a Kindle edition. Sign their Amazon receipt? Be arrested when I take a sharpie to their computer or Kindle screen?

So stay tuned. A bit more tweaking and the paperback version of MOTHER TONGUE will be good to go. And that one I can autograph for you without doing jail time!