These are a few of my favorite blogs…sing along!

“My name is Graham Welch and I am a Francophile. This blog is a celebration of all things French – from France’s cuisine to its culture, from its people to its places. I intend to update it each day for a year, starting on 1 January 2014.”


Lighting up Lyon and champagne for toasters
Cassoulet, confit, and camembert roasters
Provençal pleasures all tied up with strings
This is a blog of my favorite things.


jf_portraitI was born  to Irish parents living in England but spent most of my early life in Ireland. After years of teaching and traveling – everywhere but South America – i settled in Singapore and live here with my Malay family

BLOG: Johnpoetflanagan

Slums bulldozed clear as the afternoon passes
Tropical air as slow as molasses
Poetry lifting my heart with sure wings
This is a blog of my favorite things


cropped-dual-photo-blog-header-watermarked2Living on the French Riviera ~ Following your dream

BLOG: 24/7 in France

Matisse in Vence and Christmas in Nice
Fashions and fêtes and stuffed foie gras geese
Events and expats, and secrets of kings
This is a blog of my favorite things
When my drain clogs
When the sky fogs
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite blogs
And then I don’t feel so bad!