Paperback cover finalMOTHER TONGUE ~ LINGUA CORSA

A brief synopsis of the latest novel by KAREN STEPHEN

Child advocate attorney, Liz Fallon, desperately needs a break after legal blunders and her own negligence lead to the kidnapping and death of a mother and daughter she represents. Fluent in her mother’s native Corsican tongue, she nabs a job at a Paris newspaper as a lingua corsa translator for Pierre Benatar, whose coverage of the explosive Corsican Nationalist movement has enraged every separatist faction.

When Benatar and his seven-year-old son disappear, she resolves to prevent another tragedy and cons her way to Corsica under the ruse of researching a tabloid story about the mazzeri, the isle’s ancient harbingers of death. She cozies up to the prime suspects using her secret knowledge of lingua corsa and the aid of an elderly Brit and a courageous teen Corsican cousin.

The hunters suddenly become the hunted when her inquiries arouse the suspicions and passions of both the separatist leader and the French police chief. When the mazzeri story also takes a chilling personal turn, she has to wonder whether Corsica intends to reclaim her as its prodigal daughter or destroy her.

Pour mes amis français

 Une fabuleuse aventure en Corse comme un adolescent inspiré mon roman MOTHER TONGUE, qui est disponible en anglaise en versions Kindle et de livres de poche chez Je espère publier en français à l’avenir.

MOTHER TONGUE est un roman à suspense avec des éléments de thriller qui se déroule dans le milieu du danger et le chaos du mouvement séparatiste dans le jour moderne Corse. L’histoire est basée sur une aventure sauvage que je avais quand II avait dix-neuf. Nous avons même essayé d’aider deux jeunes soldats dans La Légion Etrangère’s  2ème Régiment Étranger de Parachutistes pour échapper à la Corse dans notre bateau!

Mon premier roman DEGREES OF OBSESSION est aussi disponible sur en anglaise,

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