RESIST – We are all immigrants

Between recent infirmities and age, I’m not up to marching, so I created this video as my contribution to the efforts to resist policies that foster the inhumane treatment of immigrants.

The soundtrack is borrowed with much gratitude from my favorite French singer, France Gall, who recently passed away.

Here is a link to my video on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “RESIST – We are all immigrants

  1. This is such an inspiring video! I love her song and your pictures were so in sync with her message. Such a great way to support the resistance! Love, Cathie

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  2. Karen, I am an immigrant and I disagree with your position. Resisting is not a solution, but an invitation to chaos which we are seeing now. Yes, no human is illegal, but there presence in this country is. Our immigration laws are a mess and we need a solution based on the needs of this country. The Democrats are not willing to help solve the problem, but believe it is to their advantage to keep the problem alive as a campaign issue this fall. We should start with a wall on the southern border, because walls work and that is the very reason the Democrats don’t want one.


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