Mayhem And Love.

This poem by one of my favorite WordPress poets is an exquisite expression of the world and humanity as it is, vibrating always between polar opposites.


Eyes shut,

Like realms of two different worlds.

Smoke and dust

Sit on my wounds

To eye my dying heart.

Asphyxiating soul,

Wails for benevolence.

Blood runs cold

Across the grooves of my temple.

Night strikes darker than usual.

Her touch,

The scent of tranquility –

Where uneven met even,

Where death met hope.

Her eyes,

Stretches of greenland,

The land of lullabies.

Her smile,

Shines like the hopeful sun –

Where despair met bliss.

Her soul,

Pious and equal –

Where war met poetry.

Her heart,

Magnanimous –

Where havoc met peace.

My defunct skeleton

Stumbled upon life.

I needed her in the moments

When my fellows perished,

When the universe was colored red,

And ornamented with smoke and dust.

I needed her

To make me feel real,

To make me see the kind

In the cruel.

For she resided in the hearts of all,

An as abandoned…

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