Back To School Eve

My daughter-in-law is a middle school science teacher and this is her delightful and educational blog for her students. Enjoy!

Finding Flora & Fauna

Hands down…This is THE most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen!I took this picture somewhere between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean after leaving the port of Labadee, Haiti this summer. I remember staring at this water and feeling so grateful to get the opportunity to see such beauty in person. I spent a long time waiting for wildlife to jump out and say “Hello” to me. Not a single fish or mammal greeted me that day (our big ship was too noisy, I imagine) but, the sound and color of that amazing body of moving water, I will never forget.


Tonight is Back to School Eve for me. I leave this summer with such special family memories and adventures including the addition of a new puppy, our loving and energetic pointer named Patch.

September is a busy month! In a few weeks I venture to…

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