Sometimes All That Remains Is Dandruff

I just attended a touching memorial service for a family member from my former marriage. I was grateful that he had been blessed with a 45 year loving relationship with his partner, especially because he had suffered serious health problems since he was a young man. I have not been granted the same kind of relationship. But as this beautiful poem says only God knows why and things that cannot happen in our lives, do happen somewhere else. I thought to myself, if indeed there are only so many such relationships to be doled out, I am truly grateful that he received one of them. And I can try to keep hope and acceptance in balance and dwell only on what has been possible for me–two beautiful children and four incredible grandchildren–a gift that has not always been bestowed on others. When we all meet, those parts that have softly died in us will become whole as we see how our hopes and dreams have been fulfilled in others.


AA_0_A01                                                         remains of the day   ©TD2016

And there are things

which are not possible

it’s not the wrong season

it’s not the wrong hour

it’s not the wrong place

they are not supposed to be

and only God knows why

and every time a part of you softly dies

and every thing that cannot happen

happens somewhere else

it’s there where we’ll meet.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes All That Remains Is Dandruff

  1. thank you Karen, I feel very honoured. Your words are touching and heart-rending, a beautiful farewell and contemplation about life and loss. A very powerful last sentence.
    Here is to your fulfilling romantic relationship and remember, age isn’t an excuse 😉

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