A Mistake.

A perfect poem that expresses how exquisitely wrong we can be. Good choices seem bland in comparison. No wonder it’s so difficult to make them.



An enticing mistake you were
A mistake that sculpted me,
To create the model that I am today.
A seductive fallacy you were,
Waiting for me to perpetrate.
A spectral mistake you were,
Plaguing my unconscious mind,
Making me feel preternatural
With every breath I breathed.
A winsome mistake you were,
That loved me in all the right places.
Disillusioned me.
But now, you are the water in my eyes.
The song on replay.
The resident of my thoughts.
In some part of this universe, you are.
Spaced by a river of broken promises, we are.
A mistake hard to resist.
The hush before the tempest.
That’s you.

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