Eat, drink and be merry: a weekend in Lille

Now THIS is the way to get your Christmas shopping done!

A new life in Lille

Browsing for gifts at the Christmas market, kicking back at a five-star hotel and salivating over the menu at a restaurant whose chef trained under Alain Ducasse… all in Lille. What’s not to like? It feels as though Christmas has come early.

Damon and I fell in love with Lille back in the spring, when we were over for a friend’s birthday in Pas-de-Calais. We visited the city for a day – and vowed we’d come back to do our Christmas shopping here if it looked as though we couldn’t get down to Castillonnès for the festivities.

When my sister announced this year that she would be coming back to England for Christmas before emigrating to Australia, I knew we’d spend the big day en famille.

And in case there was any doubt in my mind, my mother rang me in the first week of June to tell me…

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