Fill the Space

And if we look carefully we will discover that this empty space is a perfect God-shaped space waiting to be filled by our Higher Power with things far beyond our meager imaginations.

DoubleU = W

there is a space that exists

it stands hollow and empty

it is somewhere in your room

in a conversation

a lacking in your life


you rush to fill it

but not all spaces

must be occupied


allow for an emptiness

accept on occasion

a matter of nothingness

use the space as a respite

sometimes where there is nothing

there is the freedom

to catch your breath

to take a break

to bide your time

to contemplate

gather yourself

gain strength

place nothing where there is nothing

some spaces are meant to stand empty


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1 thought on “Fill the Space

  1. Hi Karen,

    It was so nice to catch up with you yesterday, even though Rene was in the room and I couldn’t speak freely. I rested all weekend and feel better today. I am still reflecting on your blog and have shared it with friends. Sounds like you are sharing a lovely home with your family. I know it will work out as it should. Let’s keep in touch..




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