My favorite Southern California outdoor room…

IMG_0559We’re on vacation in the San Diego area where I grew up back in the Fifties and one of my favorite places for a delicious meal amid the relaxed ambiance of Southern California is the outdoor room that my best childhood friend created at the rear of their modest, decades-old home. Not only does it offer al fresco dining for every meal but features cushy sofas and rattan chairs designed for interesting conversations and peaceful naps, all wrapped up in the warmth of Provençal colors and artwork, with every nook and cranny filled with pottery and potpourri. Created by putting a real roof with skylights over a patio enclosed by a half fence, it is both charming and relaxing, drawing family and visitors alike toward a small back yard chock full of fragrant flowers and colorful vines. Just imagine you’re there!.

IMG_0566 IMG_0565 IMG_0563 IMG_0561

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