Share A Smile

Another poet always has the answer. Sending out my virtual smile to my virtual but very real friends.

DoubleU = W

you there of bad cheer

of sourness and scowl

so many of us about

you have huddled and

frequently discussed you

and your sullenness


we have all come from

where we’ve come from

in places with varying

degrees of sadness and

hardship and loneliness


everyone about you here

deals with life and is

knocked about by the

bastard often and without

regard for our well-being


we are aware that you too

must have felt the sting

of life, the sudden and

awful, the cruel twist of

fate’s hand playing against you


but be with us, be a

part of us, this humanity

share some warmth of

a word, a look or, though

strained and difficult –

share a smile


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