French Lessons for Preschoolers

I enjoyed reading this blog about teaching preschoolers French. My daughter only became fluent in French after living there two years after college; not because I started her with French lessons in kindergarten. But her two little ones, now two and five, have been spoken to at home primarily in French by her and in English by their father. The oldest has attended a French immersion preschool for four years. So both are totally fluent as well and have no American accent, unlike their mother who has a very slight accent. They switch from one language to the other depending upon who they are speaking to and readily translate for those of us in the family who are not bilingual. My daughter is hoping to continue their bilingual education here in the SF Bay area as they move on to elementary school.

A French American Life

This post is part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs Blogging Carnival, hosted this month by Isabelle at Multilingual Education Cafe. This month’s topic is The Multilingual Classroom. Be sure to follow the link to Isabelle’s blog to find the other great posts on this topic, starting March 17!

As some of my dear readers may recall, I made a New Year’s resolution to teach French lessons at my daughter’s preschool. I’m following through and now I’m two months in.

Teaching preschoolers is no easy feat, but trying to teach them in a foreign language – wheh! Way harder than I expected. And I never expected a cake walk. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time outside the classroom brainstorming ideas, prepping, finding and making props, and even test driving ideas on my own kids before taking my lessons to the school. Still – it’s even more than…

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