WANTED: French writer for translation exchange

templa1MOTHER TONGUE has stirred up much interest in Corsica, but my fans there are clamoring for a version in French. Paying for translation is beyond the means of this semi-retired grandmother. BUT I HAVE AN IDEA!

GOOGLE TRANSLATE is a starting point but, as we all know, yields a rather fractured version of the translated language.
 alt=I would love to locate a French author who would like his or her novel or work of non-fiction or even website translated into perfect and very literate English, starting with a basic GOOGLE TRANSLATE version. And he or she, in exchange could translate my novel into perfect and very literate French. An equal amount of effort on both our parts would produce publishable versions in each others language, with credit given of course.

Please spread the word to any of your French friends or colleagues who write and are looking for an excellent, ready-to-publish English translation at no cost. Those interested can reach me via my CONTACT page.

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