What every woman really needs…

2014-08-17 12.41.01A garden of roses? That special look in his eyes? The longing? The wink of approval? Knowing that as you’ve grown older together, you can dress alike at an event right down to the matching shoulder straps and the all-in-white look? Knowing he accepts you just as you are…fluffy body and all? A shared interest in racing? Is that what a woman needs?


2014-08-29 16.58.21NO!!! What every woman needs to soothe her soul and give her a new outlook of life is a great hair stylist who has known you forever and frets and snips so carefully, who takes her time to weave her comb through each new strand of hair, lathering it with color, wrapping it tenderly with foil, and when properly “baked”, gives you a fabulous scalp massage and VOILA! A new hairstyle to start the fall season with lifted spirits and a new outlook on life. Thanks for yesterday, Sonja! At almost 71, you keep me feeling and looking young.

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