Who knows what genius lurks in the hearts of men?

2014-05-17 11.50.16The Shadow does! Only this is a tale of three men whose love for racing and inventive minds created a classic car…the Shadow. The three men, Don Nichols the company founder, George Follmer, the first driver, and Trevor Harris, the designer of the first two version shared their story at the Sonoma Historic Motorsport Festival today.

2014-05-17 11.49.42They told a fascinating story of persistence and inventiveness, of getting the extremely small tires made by Firestone, the cramped quarters for the driver, problems with cooling resolved in part by placing radiators on the rear wing, their race successes and failures, and various versions of how the car got its name. A shadow, of course, is only two dimensional and black. And this car had such a low profile that it was almost like a shadow. Two current owners, racing their models in the days classic races, were also present. A wonderful opportunity to hear the history of a unique car from the men who designed and drove it.

2014-05-17 12.06.14Hundreds of classic race cars take part in the event every year. I had great fun following this Morgan after I encountered it on the freeway on its way to the event. It took part in the Morgan Car Club parade run during the lunch hour. I had no doubt where he was headed.


2014-05-17 09.57.002014-05-17 10.18.28



And, of course, I saw quite a few other favorites like this Alfa.



In contrast, the San Francisco McClaren dealership also had their latest model on display. I think I prefer the classic cars!


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