Restaurant at Le Logis du Guetteur, Les Arcs sur Argens

IMG_1309The restaurant of the Le Logis du Guetteur is probably my all-time favorite. I have dined on the restaurant’s terrace with my best childhood friend (2004, we also stayed at the Logis), my daughter and granddaughter (2013), and my daughter, son-in-law and his mother (2008).

IMG_1317The most memorable occasion was in 2008.  We had been visiting St. Tropez and had 1:30 pm reservations. The 40 km to Les Arcs sur Argens was over a twisty mountainous road and the minutes were ticking away.

IMG_1318We arrived just as they were closing down their luncheon service. My daughter, who speaks fluent French, begged the maitre d’ to seat us since we had come so far. But to no avail. But then she caught sight of the chef through an open door to the kitchen.

Dessert at Logis du GuetteurShe called to him and after much cajoling he agreed to prepare our meals but we had to decide on dessert ahead of time so that he could prepare that in advance and then leave. One of their servers, a young woman in her 20s, graciously offered to stay past her hours of duty and serve out meal.

IMG_1321The food was marvelous as always and the view from the terrace of the valley of vineyards and the medieval village of Les Arcs was unparalleled.

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