MM&M at the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

IMG_1098Okay, three days into my blog and I’m on finally on the right topic on the right day! That’s what happens when grandmothers are still recovering from touring France with two little ones.

IMG_1099The most delightful place to take youngsters in France is one of its many wondrous castles.



Children of all ages can pretend to be kings and queens, knights and archers.

IMG_1105Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle 55 km south of Strasbourg is a perfect example. It is filled with artifacts and has beautifully restored room and educational displays.

IMG_1096As you can see from the collection of photos our 3 1/2 year old enjoyed every nook and cranny, from drawbridges to arrow slits.


Plus, for the grownups, there is the incomparable view and the authentic medieval or Alsatian food in the restaurant serving everything. Even a snap-on tray high chair to secure the toddler.

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