I like Ike…remembering June 6, 1944


Eisenhower talking to troops before D-Day

I grew up in the 50s and my mother was a devoted fan and regular voter for Dwight D. Eisenhower. We named our German Shepherd “IKE”. We named our parakeet “IKE”. And throughout the day he would chirp, “I like IKE”.

I was 8 months old on the original D-Day. Too little to understand the sacrifices that had been made that day protecting my freedom.

I am proud to share photos I took at those Normandy beaches back in 2009. A very moving experience. Including a photo of a cross on the grave of a young man who died only a few months after the invasion on my first birthday. This is still a part of France where the welcome mat it out for all Americans.

P1000784 P1000789 P1000791 P1000793


2 thoughts on “I like Ike…remembering June 6, 1944

  1. According to Cold War America by Lawrence S Whittner Eisenhower after leaving the military got a job as president of Columbia University but was not suited to a career in academics. When he retired from the military in his speech he said the country would be better suited not to have career military men go into politics. After he left Columbia University he ran for president. When he retired from being president he warned the country of the “Industrial Military Complex”. He was the first person on record to use this term. In fact while president he accepted gifts from defense contracting companies including a small tractor for his farm.


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